Who are the Basques?

The Basque people come from the Basque Country, or Euskal Herria, which is located along the Pyrenees Mountains in southern France and northern Spain. It consists of 7 provinces: 4 on the Spanish side, or Hegoalde, (Araba, Biskaia, Nafarroa, and Gipuzkoa) and 3 on the French side, or Iparralde, (Zuberoa, Lapurdi, and Nafarroa Beherea). While each province has its own rich customs and traditions, their common language, Euskara, so unique and unrelated to any other language, unites them.

The Basques have been a part of American history for centuries. They have come as sheepherders, whalers, and more. Today, many Basques and Basque-Americans have made names for themselves as farmers, ranchers, landscapers, lawyers, restaurateurs, public servants, and so much more.

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