Important Dates


1st  Karaoke

2nd  Jim Hampton 3

3rd Karaoke

7th  Folklore

         Pub Quiz

8th  Valley Fusion

9th  Gino and Musi Cali

10th  Karaoke

12th Closed for Veteran's Day

14th  Folklore

15th  Valley Fusion

16th Larrey Keyes

17th No Lunch to the Public

        Dinner - regular hours

21st   Folklore

22nd  Bar and Kitchen Closed

23rd  Bar and Kitchen Closed

24th Karaoke

28th  Folklore

          Pub Quiz

29th  Prime Rib Boarder's 

 Table (1:00 pm)


30th Gino and Musi Cali


1st Karaoke

5th Folklore

       Pub Quiz

6th  Chicken Livers


7th Jim Hampton Trio

8th Karaoke

12th Folklore

         Pub Quiz

13th Valley Fusion

14th Gino and MusiCali

15th Karaoke

19th  Folklore

         Pub Quiz

20th  Valley Fusion

21st  Dave Mendoza

22nd Karaoke

25th  CLOSED

27th Valley Fusion

28th TBA

29th Karaoke